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Investment Analytics

Your financial and technical experts for the stock market, FOREX, or derivatives market trading applications or investment analysis.

Data Analytics

Quant coding is a company that can provide you with expert data analytics. Be it visualizations, data munging, data cleaning, data processing, data wrangling we are your team for the job.

Data Science

We are experts in data science with the ability to train predictive models that perform better than humans in classification problems, output numerical predictions more accurately, and faster than anything else you can imagine.

Data Management

Experts in providing Extract Transform Load (ETL) services, SQL operations, and relational database design, Data Warehouse design, or data collections via API's or scraping scripts. We are experienced using ETL tools and appropriate libraries and frameworks.

Business Intelligence

We build intuitive business intelligence dashboards that allow you to view your business from many perspectives, understand your limitations, and set your goals properly. Whether it's sales data, financial data, marketing data, supply chain data, or website traffic we can build business intelligence dashboards that will allow you get actionable insights from your data.

Web Development

We do full-stack development with proper due-diligence paid to build maintainable, extendable, and scalable web applications. Our web applications are high performing and efficient with proper consideration for your cloud budget.

Mobile Development

Building cross-platform JavaScript mobile applications is another area we specialize in. Our mobile applications provide for pleasant user experience and maintain interest. Be it Andriod or iOS, call us, we can do it.

Desktop Development

High performing PyQt5 or C# .NET Framework desktop applications is another area we are experts in. Whether you need to work with a database, web API, multimedia, or access devices and system process our desktop applications might be the solution you are looking for.

Why Choose Us?

At Quant Coding client satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We do not quit until our clients are perfectly happy with solution to their business problem we have delivered.

Experts in finance and software development

For your data science and investment analytics projects involving finance, stock market, FOREX market, or derivatives market trading you want the job done by someone with financial domain knowledge and technical skills to produce actionable insights from your data. For your software development projects you want someone that has our technical skills and knowledge.

Client satisfaction - a top priority

Satisfied clients are the greatest gratification we get from our work. We are persistent in going above and beyond what the client requested to deliver code and analytics that will solve your business problem. With every client, we start a professional relationship that we hope to be long-term.

Good value

Best quality and delivery is not all that you get from us. Our solutions provide excellent value for your money and allow you to expand the scope of issues within your budget constraints.

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