Get Power DAT loads up to 60 seconds earlier than others!

Quickload allows you to get trucking loads from Power DAT account up to 60 seconds earlier than others and place automatic phone calls to brokers.

  • See loads up to 60 seconds earlier then others
  • Automated calling via tel protocol, skype, VoIP and our mobile app
  • Place addtional fitlers for Auto-call
  • Licensed as a service per DAT user
  • Free 15 day trial upon request - No Credit Card Required

Why trucking companies love Quickload?

Only some of the benefits your trucking company can get from the Quickload application
Early Power DAT loads!

Quickload allows you to get loads from the DAT load board up to 60 seconds earlier than others!

Automatic phone calls

Quickload allows you to place automatic telephone calls via your PBX, VoIP, softphone, Skype or mobile phone.


We only need your Power DAT username, we never ask for your DAT password.

Additional filtering

Allows you to place additional filtering criteria to really find and book your preferred load from the loadboard.

Get your Power DAT loads with Quickload!

Quickload allows you to get loads using your Power DAT account and offers some serious advantages to your trucking company in finding and booking preferred loads.

  • Stuck in an area and you want a specific destination to get the driver home? Be the first one to call on your preferred load.

  • Broker need's to move the load right there and then and does not ask how much it costs? Be the first to call on that load using Quickload.

  • You see load with preferred specifications too late in the browser? Quickload can help you out.

See our promo video!

What Quickload has to offer to your trucking company

Quickload comes with multiple moving parts & perks that all work in concert with each other to deliver the needed benefits to your trucking business.

Desktop application

The core Quickload app is designed as a desktop application to be used by your dispatch team in booking loads from Power DAT. Works on Windows.

Browser Extension

We never ask for your Power DAT password, however, in order to achieve this, you have to install our browser extension.

Mobile application

Quickload comes equipped with a mobile application that works both on Andriod and iOS to help you place outbound calls from your mobile to the broker/shipper.

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Free updates SAAS

Quickload is Software As a Service and is licensed per Power DAT username and you pay a single monthly fee per username and receive free updates forever.

Telephony integration

Quickload comes with multiple ways to place automated outbound phone calls. Be it PBX, VoIP, or computer softphone we have it handled.

Free 15 day trial

You can try the application for 15 days free of charge on as many Power DAT usernames as you wish. No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, to enjoy the benefits of Quickload you need to have a Power DAT account.

Quickload is licensed per DAT username and depending on the number of usernames you are buying it can range from $50 up to $80 per month. We will contact you with a quote during the 15-day trial.

No, we never ask, process, store or know your Power DAT password. To connect with the Power DAT load board, you use your normal browser, and we connect to it via an extension which you have to download from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla addons store. You need to have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed to use for logging into Power DAT and install the appropriate extension. Link to the extension is included inside the application.

We are in the process of preparing Quickload for use on Mac. Send us an email that you are interested and as soon as we have the Mac version ready and fully tested, we can give you a free trial for 15 days for your Mac Machine.

Months of research went into this and we are not willing to give you too much detail for it, but we ran parallel tests on two Power DAT accounts and we concluded that we can build this software and give our users a competetive advantage.

Based on tests we have ran parallel on 2 Power DAT accounts we concluded that 60% of the time we can collect loads from the load board on average 20 seconds earlier than others can see it in their browsers. Sometimes these lead times can be even up to 70 seconds. Usually during times when most loads are posted on the load board is when the advantage is greatest. We invite you to run your own tests.

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