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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Quickload is published by a verified publisher Agrikop-MT, a registered busines in North Macedonia as you can see on Microsoft Smart Screen warning. Microsoft however still does not mark the application as safe until a significant number of users have installed it. That day is anytime now. Rest assured however, we do not store your personal data such as passwords or any other commercially or personally valuable information. We seek to sell Quickload as a monthly service to as many happy customers as we can get for as long as we can.

Before you start seeing loads you need to add initial filters at the top table. If the filter is red then you need to save it before proceeding. Once your filter is saved and selected please press the green play button at the left bottom part of the screen to start the load collection

To see the contact details just select the row in the table, the contact information will be displayed just above the table in the right corner. There you also have buttons which you can use to place calls using Skype, VoIP, PBX, or any TEL protocol application.

Quickload collects loads as requested by the user, therefore loads on the second page or any of the other up to 10 pages are not collected initially. To get them and review them please use the pagination at the bottom right of the screen. To keep getting new loads you always need to be on page 1.

Once your free trial is up, we will contact you with a quote for a monthly license to Quickload and we can arrange some of the many payment methods we accept.

We are happy to let you use the application for free for a limited period if you refer us to your friends. We are also happy to pay out 25% monthly commission for up to 6 months for any referrals you bring to us or the equivalent in free application usage.
Automated calling

There are multiple ways you can use the auto call feature. Using any computer softphone, you can connect via the TEL protocol. You can use our Android mobile application to place outbound calls via Android mobile phone. We also have implemented features that would allow you to integrate Quickload with your existing VoIP or PBX provider. Setting up the PBX might be slightly more complex than what the average user can do on his own, however we are happy to assist you in this endeavor.

Certainly, RingCentral already has a click-to-call feature that you can use to place outbound calls using your existing IP hardware phone.

Yes, it is not yet published, but we do have an iOS application. Please note however that the iOS application does not provide the full features as intended by the designers of Quickload. This is because placing outbound calls with iOS iPhone requires user confirmation before the outbound call is established. This will negate some of the advantage of calling earlier on loads with Qucikload because you must confirm the call manually.

You can filter your set of loads or you can just color them differently if they match your preferences in the selection. You can also select one of the multiple ways to place automated phone calls via the application. This can be Skype, Mobile Phone, any app or service that uses the TEL protocol or you can even configure your exsti9ng company PBX for automated calling.

Configuring the PBX outbound calling is more technically involved and may not always depend on you or on the application. You might need to contact your PBX telephony manager who can help you fill out the fields under settings for PBX calling. We are happy to provide you personalized assistance free of charge and help you integrate your PBX with the Quickload app.

You simply download from Play Store and go to Settings in the Desktop application and scan the QR code inside it. After that the applications are connected, and you can refer outbound calls from your desktop application and place them automatically from your Android phone.

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