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PCB Firmware Burner

For our client, we have built a firmware burning tool that included developing a GUI using PyQt5 and other Python libraries. This application used existing Python libraries for sending binary data to Serial Ports and client parameters for burning firmware to PCB units. In this opportunity, we were thrilled to interact with low-level system functions such as COM ports. In addition to this, we had yet another opportunity to dive deep into the PyQt framework and implement all client requirements and specifications – no matter how nuanced that implementation will be in the PyQt framework. The application also included printing data to the thermal printer which was also a good opportunity to work on something interesting in Python. Finally, after passing all tests and quality control, the client was very satisfied with the work we did on this project. We gained the client’s confidence for further projects, had the opportunity to work with excellent technology, we grew our skills and experience, and received proper remuneration for our services.

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