Quant Coding, a team of experts

Quant Coding was formed with the intention of building a team that goes above and beyond in meeting the client's needs. The developers in our team are not employees that can sometimes fail. All of our developers consider themselves true partners in running the business and have a strong motivation and interest to fulfill company goals and feel the gratification of completion equally with our clients and management. While we are a for-profit organization important aspects and goals of our organization include:

  • Maintaining friendly professional relationships with our clients
  • Being socially responsible
  • Provide a pleasant work environment
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the organization

Our Mission

Our mission is to be best at providing a service that would be of better quality today then it was yesterday, to grow in our knowledge and experience every day and improve the service we provide. Our intention is to maintain relationships with clients that will be long term, where our business grows together with theirs. While doing this, it is our mission to do right to the society to which we are responsible for the privilege to work on something as exciting as the work we are doing and to be responsible to the environment because today's profits might turn into tomorrow's great loss for everyone if we do not preserve our environment.

Our Vision

We see our company becoming the local leader in providing data science, data analytics, investment analytics, and development services to clients all over the globe. We see a future in which we help hedge funds, investment funds, and independent traders improve capital market allocation by trading profitably. We are looking forward to the day where for our clients, we build Artificial intelligence models in finance and that improve the efficiency of capital markets. It is our vision that one-day using data science and Machine Learning, better models, and automation are built for every aspect of our lives especially finance and capital markets For this goal of adding the value of using data science we are prepared to work persistently and until we see and be part of radical changes in the world.

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